Safe Use of Disc Cutters & Angle Grinders

This hands-on, practical course is designed to highlight the hazards and associated risks with using, what can be if operated incorrectly, extremely hazardous machines.

The course will cover:-

  • Key legislation and guidance
  • Importance of carrying out pre-use checks
  • Associated hazards and risk assessment
  • Dust control
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
  • Correct fuelling and start up procedure
  • Personal and Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Correct machine use

A course assessment will follow to allow candidates to demonstrate understanding and a Certificate of Competence will be emailed directly to you.

For more information, please contact us using our Contact Form available here.

This course is delivered in conjunction with Abrasive Wheels Awareness.  Abrasive Wheels training, which is available online, is designed to provide you with the necessary information and instruction to select the correct blade for the job and to mount it on the machine correctly.  More information on this course is available here.