Forward Tipping Dumpers

On average, around 7 workers die each year as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant on construction sites.  A further 93 people are seriously injured.

As well as ensuring site segregation for pedestrians and vehicles, employers must ensure that their employees receive the proper training and instruction for any plant they are operating on site.

When it comes to site dumpers, 60% of deaths occur when the dumper overturns and crushes the driver. Most other deaths occur when pedestrians are struck by the dumper when it’s moving.


This practical course will cover the following:-

  • Key legislation and guidance
  • Correct dumper selection
  • Site hazards
  • Controlling the risk
  • Pre-use checks
  • Dumper safety features
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Correct start-up procedure
  • Plant safe zones
  • Dumper loading and tipping
  • Dangers of overloading
  • Unsafe dumper practice
  • Working on gradients
  • Excavation protection

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