Abrasive Wheels

You only have to search online for ‘abrasive wheel accidents’ to see just how dangerous these machines can be if they are handled and operated incorrectly.

Employers have a responsibility to make sure their workforces have received adequate training in this area to protect both themselves and their work colleagues.

A high percentage of accidents involving angle grinders and disc cutters arise from either selecting the wrong disc for the job or not mounting the disc properly in the first place.

This course will show you:-

  • how to choose the correct cutting disc
  • different types of abrasive wheel
  • how to properly mount a disc onto a cutting machine
  • common hazards associated with abrasive wheel use
  • how to properly transport and store abrasive wheels
  • Personal and Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Dangers of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

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Training in abrasive wheels can be taken online using Zoom or similar online video software.  A short online assessment will follow and a Certificate of Achievement will be emailed directly to you.